On Food Gardens

You might have noticed (or maybe not) that I don’t blog about growing my own vegetables (or fruits for that matter). I do have a variety of herbs stuck in among the perennials, but they’re the only thing other than honey that we can eat out of our backyard. My husband has informed me that this fact requires an explanation.

The primary reasons I’m not growing my own food:

  1. I am too busy. I work full time. I’m a new beekeeper. And I still try to have a social life.
  2. All of my previous vegetable adventures have been expensive failures.
  3. I don’t think it’s a financially viable way for me to feed our household. I joined a CSA instead.

The dream scenario in which I could imagine braving (and saving money from) the edible garden adventure: I am able to devote 20 hours or more per week working in my yard from March through November of every year. This will probably never happen, ever.

This is not to say that I won’t get into raising a vegetable or two sometime soon. I’m interested in the heirloom seed project at Seed Savers Exchange, and I could see myself taking on a growing project isolated to one plant–for the experience much more so than for the food.

So, for the forseable future, my so-called “backyard adventure, in a tiny backyard” will be limited to composting, beekeeping, perennial gardening (including the quest for bee-friendly plants), and lots and lots of laundry drying. I do have a few other yard modifications up my sleeve, and I hope to continue bringing them to the blog for your reading pleasure.


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