Films & Books

I consume a lot of media on a lot of subjects. I’m a nerd with a big stack of books and magazines on the nightstand. Most half read. Our household also receives a lot of Netflix.

My recommendations for further reading and viewing:

Flow: For Love of Water” – A documentary about the world’s water crisis. You will feel like a shit for taking your tap water for granted. And you will be astounded at how many scoundrels are involved in the water shilling business worldwide.

“The Corporation” – A documentary that examines the history of corporations and the impact they have on the world today. I used to think those IMF protesters were just a bunch of filthy anarchists with a lot misdirected rage; after seeing this movie, I think they might aiming at the right target but still with the wrong gun. My heroes in this doc are Vandana Shiva (physicist, seed activist, seemingly unstoppable force of nature; she was also in “Flow”) and Ray Anderson (CEO of Interface, a carpet company, who actually says he will not make carpet if he can’t find a way to do it sustainably).

The Business of Being Born” – Another documentary. Not for the faint of heart or those grossed out by childbirth. I don’t have any kids and don’t necessarily plan to go completely natural when it comes to birthing, but this film makes you realize that the “normal” way of doing things wasn’t always considered normal and will continue to evolve. I figure this is true for a lot of things other than childbirth.

“Two Fat Ladies” – A BBC series that follows two fat ladies as they cook their way around Britain. I like these broads because they are unabashed by the judgments of modern society–they’re fat, they eat a lot of meat, they cook with a LOT of lard, and they erupt in bawdy song in pretty much every episode. I also like the fact that they visit small farms, specialty grocers, and other local purveyors to get their ingredients. Plus, I’m a sucker for bucolic British settings.

“Into the Wild” (film version) – A cautionary tale about disillusionment with society. Sometimes life on the fringes can be stunningly beautiful, sometimes it’s alienating and deadly (especially if you eat the wrong native plants).

“Grizzly Man” – Another cautionary tale; this one’s about misguided concern for animal welfare. Tim Treadwell’s heart was in right place, but his mind needed to be under the care of a licensed professional. Be aware that 85% of this film is unintentionally hilarious while the remaining portions are a horrifying tale of mental illness and death by bear attack.

The Beekeeper’s Handbook – Pretty much what the title says…

Fatal Harvest – A book that explores the impact of industrial agriculture on the earth. Discusses the differences between industrialism and agrarianism.

My Life in France – Julia Child’s autobiography. My hero!

The Art of Possibility


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