I Disappeared

I guess I dropped out of blogging for about four months. The reason, in short: I got pregnant.

For most of the hot months of this year, I was feeling extremely lethargic and occasionally gross (but never nauseous) in the stomach. I spent July and August sleeping from about 9:30 pm to 6:00 am every day with the occasional nap at lunch time and a pretty much daily nap during the evening news. All this lethargy caused three things to happen: 1) I stopped caring about blogging, 2) I mostly stopped cooking, and 3) I tried really hard to keep up with my bees but doing so was not in the best interest of my health.

Spending a hour in the heat of an August afternoon dressed in bee garb with a hot smoker in my hand nearly made me pass out on more than one occasion. My beekeeping became a total chore and somewhere in the season my hive beetle management issues got totally out of control and they devastated the colony. I was so disappointed to have failed on my first attempt, but I’m resolved to give it  a go again.

But the good news is that I’m carrying a healthy baby boy due at the end of February! I’m learning a lot about the costs of kids as well as the environmental impact. Hopefully I’ll maintain the energy to write about that every now and again.


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