Lessons in Line-Drying

Now that I have line-dried two loads of laundry (minus underwear), I’ve learned a lot of things. Granted, my grandmother or mom probably could have told me these things, but I didn’t think to ask.

1. We’re gonna need more rope. One 20-foot line isn’t going to be enough. We’ve already agreed that a second line is worth the investment (that big $14 with shipping & handling).
2. Towels get really crunchy when they’re dried in the sun. At our house, bath towels, jeans, and underwear have all earned their spot in the regular drier.
3. Wet laundry is really heavy! Heaving that basket of wet clothes from the laundry room to the carport is a workout. Is this why my grandmother is strong enough to whip cream with just her own two hands and a whisk?

Laundry Line


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  1. Kathy Keller

    This umbrella closthes line is the clothes line we had as kids. Go to http://www.alternativeconsumer.com for a picture of it.
    I have to admit, I liked standing next to my mom as she took the laundry down. My job was to fold the small stuff and place it in the basket. If I was really lucky, she’s let me iron my dad’s handkerchiefs too. There was no Kleenex in our house. No paper towels either. We used dish towels. So I guess not having the money to spend on such things was really better in a lot of ways than how so many of us live now.

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