I can remember waking up before my parents when I was about 6 or 7 and making this very same breakfast for myself (minus the coffee–I may be of French-Italian heritage but the coffee-drinking didn’t start until the teenage years). My mom had this handy round cookie cutter that was the perfect tool for making the hole in the bread. I had to resort to an empty yogurt container today, an incredibly poor choice, actually.

It would seem that “Egg-in-a-Hole” is not the widely accepted term for what I’ve done here. This is not a surprise, considering that most of my food lingo is descended from a family full of Yats. Most people in the U.S. seem to call this “Egg-in-a-Basket.” Us Yats are more literal–it’s a hole not a basket; now eat ya breakfast, then we going to Schwegmann’s to make groceries.



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2 responses to “Egg-in-a-Hole

  1. Kathy Keller

    Indeed, Schwegmann’s was our family’s weekly Friday afternoon entertainment. Daddy got paid on Friday. We’d all pile into the car, Momma with her list and us kids with visions of visiting the pet store (inside Schwegman’s) and thinking of which cereal we’d get to choose for the week. Sometimes the dreaded dentist appointment would also take place, because yes, there was a dentist’s office inside the store as well. A visit to Schwegmann’s just about covered all the entertainment needs of a child back then. To top it off, it was the only day of the week we might be treated to a frozen pizza for dinner. After all, Momma was just too worn out from the grocery shopping by the time we all got back home. Great memories. I’d love to see what $100.00 would buy at Schwegmann’s in the 1960’s compared to what we get today at Publix. I think we’d all be shocked.

  2. We call them bull’s eyes 😀 I cut the hole with a knife. I do have a round (and also an egg-shaped) cookie cutter, but I still like to cut it with a knife 😀

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