Garlic Scapes

Thanks to my CSA (Avalon Acres), I’ve been introduced to garlic scapes, the pungent curly, green foliage of the young garlic plant. Last night I mashed them up with some CSA-provided potatoes, along with butter, olive oil, freshly ground pepper, and salt. The scapes come on pretty strong; I think I used three finely chopped tendrils to about one pound of potatoes.

I hear that garlic scapes are also good for making a sort of pesto as well as for grilling. Mine were a little thin for the grill, but maybe next week’s box with yield a heartier batch.

Here was dinner (the steaks, bread, and salad fixin’s–except the croutons–were all from Avalon, too):

Friday Night CSA Dinner

And, yes, our wine glasses were mostly empty before we even started eating. Thanks for noticing.


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  1. Heat tends to mellow them a little, especially for people who aren’t used to them.

    Try a brief sautĂ© in either olive oil or butter, then add to whatever you’re making.

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