Like so many of my newly adopted habits, line drying our laundry seems a very grandmotherly thing to do. But grandmas are smart and frugal, so I will continue to follow in their footsteps.

There’s a lot of hubbub online about Americans line-drying and getting busted by their home owner’s associations (see here and here). There are also a lot of numbers tossed around about how much of a typical family’s electric bill is eaten up with drying costs–some say 5%, some go as high as 10%. Whatever the cost, I know that I could lower our monthly bill if I could just dry some of our clothes outside because, dude, we have a bottom-of-the-line washer/dryer set-up that I am sure eats up the power.

In thinking about line-drying, my brain leapt to two conclusions: 1) our neighbors will think we’re really tacky and 2) we have to buy one of those expensive umbrella-type clothesline and install it. Luckily, I noticed, through the privacy fence (no, I wasn’t snooping), that one of our neighbors was line-drying some towels! Hooray! We have community back-up.

On the second point, I have to laugh at myself for jumping to the most expensive conclusion. My brain default is not fully reset to cheap/DIY just yet. Before even really thinking about the simplicity of line-drying, I jumped on Google and found:

Clotheslineshop With products ranging from $39 to $250.

urbanclotheslines Where the cool, urban (and apparently loaded) kids go for their line-drying needs?

But then I found a retractable clothesline on Amazon…of course. They sell everything. And cheaper than the two sites mentioned above. Since I can’t honestly say we’ll really be able to commit to line-drying, I have to go with something cheap. This is an experiment in what works, and it might just fail. So, I think I’m go to go with something like this. $10.78 worth of clothesline to mount under the car port. I’ll post pics when I get it installed!


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