CSAs (or, How Two People Will Eat Twelve Eggs Per Week for Twenty-Six Weeks)

I finally joined a CSA (community supported agriculture) this spring. It’s week 3, and I’m already worried that I won’t be able to handle all of the eggs that I committed to eating.

So when you join a CSA, you sign up, like in February or March, for what you think you will be eating all spring and summer. You’re optimistic. The frost is still on the ground, your muffintop is flounced out over the top of your summer jeans that “still fit,” and you think, “I will eat nothing but fruits, nuts, vegetables, and lean meats ALL SUMMER LONG.” But you forgot about heat and about condensation-drenched beer bottles and about the lure of sitting on a patio with friends and downing God-awful mountains of chips and salsa.

But what is spring if not a time for optimism and the promise of health and vibrancy?

We’re giving it a go this year. I signed the two of us up for a quarter bushel (about a “shoebox’s worth” they said) of produce, one meat “share,” and one dozen eggs per week. The idea is that the meat we get from the CSA is all the meat we will eat for the week. That part has NOT been a problem. The less I have to deal with staring at shrink-wrapped dead animals in the grocery store while moms yell at their kids in the background–the better. The eggs are a challenge sometimes. Mostly, they wind up as a weekend breakfast or a weeknight (usually the Thursday night before our next box comes) dinner. It’s been scrambled egg sandwich central at our house (really good with sriracha sauce). I’m waiting for the day we get some leeks to make my favorite quiche–a truly worthy egg dinner (not sure leeks are even a summer thing…). The produce, I know, will be the highest mountain to climb throughout this whole commitment. Strawberries, downed in a day. Kohlrabi? Pondered. Radishes? Composted. I’m disappointed but not surprised.

More updates to come as the CSA boxes keep rolling in. The produce (and the eggs and meat) are REALLY delicious. As usual, I just need to step up my game and beef up my recipe book. Time to get creative with some cabbage.



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2 responses to “CSAs (or, How Two People Will Eat Twelve Eggs Per Week for Twenty-Six Weeks)

  1. Janis

    I am doing the same thing without the meat and eggs. We have received mostly greens so far (in our 2nd week), so I have some greens recipes on my blog at http://www.onethousandradishes.com. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that next week we’ll move beyond greens.

  2. The neat thing with farm eggs (I get mine at a greenmarket here in New York City as subscribing to a CSA isn’t as convenient for me) is that once you’ve experienced fresh chicken eggs, you’ll never want to go back to a regular supermarket egg.

    The difference in flavor is like night and day.

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